Thursday, March 25, 2010

Step One

We have been given a project to "Do the one piece you wish had been included during the past two years. So here it goes.
I am going to do a fantasy/surrealism piece with political overtones.
Will keep you informed of the progress and evolution during the coming weeks.

The first step was to come up with a concept. I decided to tackle religious warfare between Christians and Muslims. I thought of the many crusades and wars of the middle ages. Instead of mounting the combatants on horses, I place them on "stationary" work horses. The riders are replaced with physical churches. It was not really religions battling it out, but it was mere men in the guise of their earth bound, man made churches.

Through the weeks I investigated the subject and my approach. I tried many techniques. Leif wanted me to have a more rough and raw approach to this. It seem the more precise I cam, the more chaotic he wanted me to become. I eventually came up with two versions that "I don't totally hate".

Final #1
finished 01

Final #2

finished 02

Here is a sampling of some of the study drawings I created on my journey.

Study #1
Study 01

Study #2
Study 02

Study #3
Study 03

Study #4
Study 04

Study #5
Study 05

Study #6
Study 06

Study #7
Study 07

Study #8
Study 08

Study #9
Study 09